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    At LSP, we will always be honest. If we truly believe that there is no chance of success, we will tell you.

    Would you like to know if your land has future development potential?

    Local Planning Authorities produce documents known as LDF’s (formerly known as Local Plans) or LDP’s in Wales (Local Development Plans) which outline their overall future strategy for their area.  LDF’s/LDP’s have been heralded as a more flexible and responsive process – time will tell!  This includes deciding which areas are appropriate for development and setting development boundaries.  If your land has not been included and you would like it to be, if we feel that you have a case for putting it forward we can make representations through the LDF/LDP review process.  We will monitor it throughout the LDF/LDP review process, which is very lengthy and can take years.

    The Practice provides Development Plan services right across the board from members of the public to major landowners and developers.

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