What do you want to know?

    Millington Way, Shrewsbury
    Proposal for a single storey 2 bed detached dwelling with access from Millington Way, Frankwell within the Shrewsbury Conservation Area.

    The Challenge
    The need to respect the position of the site within the setting of the Millington’s Hospital, a mid-18th century Grade II listed houses and the many designated and non-designated heritage assets within 500m of it. The matters were discussed and considered within the Heritage Impact Assessment prepared by Rhichard K. Morris.

    The Outcome

    Following extensive consultation with the Local Planning Authority’s Planning and Conservation Officer and the Trustees of Millington’s Hospital LSP formulated and tested the concept of a semi-underground dwelling complex with a green roof in order to protect the open nature of the setting and approach to Millington’s Hospital.

    The detailed plans were prepared by etc architects and the end resulted in an exciting and collaborative approach to providing new residential development within the Shrewsbury Conservation area.

    Development is proceeding and is at its early stages as shown on the attached photograph(s).

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